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small business financials

June 24, 2016

Building Discounting Into Your Pricing

At some point or another the time will undoubtably come where you’ll want to do some type of discounting on your products’ prices.  This may be a holiday sale you want to run on your online site, a friends and family discount you want to give to your most...

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no banned ban

June 21, 2016

Banning Someone From Your Business Facebook Page

I know the title of today’s article sounds crazy to some as it seems like we small entrepreneurs spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to better engage and grow our social media influence amongst consumers; but believe it or not, there may be times...

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not too big for farmers markets

June 17, 2016

Are Farmers’ Markets Still A Viable Sales Channel For Small Food Brands?

There is a lot of news about how farmers’ market sales are stagnating or, in some areas, even declining which has led me to wonder about what you’re seeing in your local area.  Do you think that farmers’ markets are still a viable sales channel for artisan food brands?...

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